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Have your Wedding, Musical, Live Concert, Special Occasion or your home (insurance purpose) videoed by us. We provide quality work and all duplication are done in house.  We can take your old: reel-to-reel, pictures or VHS tapes, and record them to DVD.  All work can be finalized on DVD.  We usually fill up 2 months in advance, especially for popular wedding months.  The request form is list at the bottom of this page.
(Current Dates Not Available)
Updated: December 1, 2012
Video Price List

  - Picture Video $75.00
  - Wedding Minimum $600.00 for 8 hours then $35.00 per hour thereafter. An average wedding video will run the minimum of             $600.00. This includes Five copies of the wedding on DVD and the picture video.
  - Extra Copies $15.00 on DVD

Concerts or Musicals Concerts (Gospel Music Only)
  - $600.00 Up to 1.5 hour concert. 4 Hours Total
  - Extra Copies $4.00 DVD.

Sound System Rental
  - $100.00 with our Video Services
  - $450.00 without our Video Services
System Rentals are for the services only or Gospel Music Singing. Its not available for DJ or Dancing. (Weddings excluded)
Our System includes: 16 Channel Mixer, 2 - 850 Watt Amps, 4 - 15" speakers (Yamaha), Bose Sub, 2- 32 band EQ's,
Compressor, Gates, 2 Effects Units, 6 Senheiser Wireless Mics, 3 - Country Man head mic, 9 - Sure Lapel or head 
              sets, Cassett, CD, Mini Disk Player and Computer or MP3 hook ups
****Stipulations Apply and we reserve the right to refuse this service.

VHS to DVD Transfer
  - $18.00 per Video

Reel to Reel Transfer to DVD
  - $95.00 up to 1 Hour of Video

Home Video - $175.00, Yearly updates $35.00
- The average person doesn't realize that if you loose your home to fire, insurance company's will only pay for the basic
  appliances in your home. Having a video of your home incase of a disaster, will provide proof of your belonging. We file your
  tape in a fire proof safe and we updates it on a yearly basis. For more information give us a call. We'll handle all the 
  requirements or stipulations that your insurance company may have.

Photography Price List
Please call 912-237-3760
Please Note:
Video prices will include the following charges if:
- More than 60 Miles from Glennville, GA - $55.00
- Doesn't include a motel room - (Going Rate)
Request a video date here!
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